Tuesday, 28 August 2012

diploma mill shut down by State - Preston University

This is for the old times’ sake! I am a market analyst in a multinational company these days, spending successful days in my office, sipping the coffee of success, and I am satisfied the way it all is. It would be just fair to give the credit to the one who deserves it truly and that is Preston University. I admit today that I was not as great to deserve a position which I enjoy today, I was weak in studies, low self-steamed person with lack of enthusiasm. But a lot of thanks to Preston University that it hoisted me to this level of self-confidence and will power. Now that I deal with clients it reminds me of how our professors urged us to raise our grades and never give up, now that I reach my job 9 o‘clock every morning it reminds me of how after every class the disciplinary committee used to remind us how much important being punctual is, now that I get stuck in some of my work it reminds me how our professors used to assist us painstakingly and without getting irritated, and now that I sit in my lunch time enjoying with my colleagues it reminds me of my fantastic campus life there, the bustling crowd! How I miss all of this, all I would like to say is thanks a lot Preston University! I’d miss the best time spent there.